I would be so very thrilled to work with you to create the perfect piece of art!

How does commissioning a painting work?

If you are looking for an original custom piece- send a message my way indicating 2-3 pieces of mine that you like and we can work together to select the perfect size, colors and composition for your project. Processing times and pricing will vary depending on the scope of the piece.

Shipping and handling will be included in the quote if applicable.

How long do commissioned paintings take?

Typically 2-4 weeks. If you are working with a deadline, just let me know, so that I can meet that!

What genres/styles do you paint?

Abstract, landscape, botanicals and color studies!

What mediums do you use?

Always trying something new! Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolor, Gold Leaf, Mixed Media and Inks.


The size of the piece, style and materials of the commission determine its price. Below is a sample of estimated average prices based on size - other sizes are available.

Commissioned work is priced ‘per square inch’. Pricing can range from $0.75-$2 per square inch depending on the scope of the project.


  • A 48”x 60” commisioned piece, priced at $0.75 per square inch, would be $2160+tax.

  • A 20”x 30” commissioned piece, priced at $1.50 per square inch, would be $900+tax.

  • A 9”x 12” commissioned piece, priced at $1.50 per square inch, would be $160+tax.


Contact for exact pricing (or with any questions!)

Cash, Credit, Pay Pal, or checks are accepted. Commissioned work requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit of the price of piece before work begins. This serves to cover material costs and as a deposit. All prices are subject to local sales tax and shipping.